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Silicone Oil
Silicone Oil
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We sell silicone oil to the region field, Bali, Bandung, Jember, Pontianak and other areas.


As the material releases

used together or as part of a compounded formula, silicone oil supply odorless, non-toxic, non-carbonizing mold release for rubber, plastic & die cast metal.

As a preventive foam

a very small amount of the fluid effectively control foam in many operations processions, especially in non adueous system.

As fluid mechanics

good viscosity - temperature characteristics, therms and shear stability chemical breakdown resistance, compressibility make remarkable silicone oil for mechanical / hydraulic use. Typical usage include hydraulic stabilizers, damping media.

As surface-active agents

added vinyl plastisols and liquid springs, silicone oil improved the flow characteristics, de-aerates and lubricates the surface of the finished part.

as lubricants

fluids give excellent lubrication for plastic and elastomer surfaces.

Cosmetics and skin preparations:

This is an essential ingredient in the cream hard, proctactants skin, suntan lotion and hair care aids because it forms a non-greasy, protective film that resists water and waterborne irritants, yet allows the skin to breathe.

In polishing and chemical specialties:

silicone oil is used in most automobile and furniture polishes for its application cases, high gloss with minimum rubbing, and a durable water-repellent films. It is also used in many other specialty formulations, including aerosol starches and fabric conditioners.

In the electronic / electrical equipment:

with excellent properties, silicone oil is widely used for both insulating and damping applications. See specific literature on silicone oil, electrical electronic grade class.

In food processing:

non-contamination and non-adupterating, it is suitable for many food processing applications. When considering the liquid for the purpose of involving the fda regulations refer to the literature on food - grade silicone oil.

Packaging: 30kg / jerry can.

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