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Stevia Sweetener
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Stevia has several advantages, among others, the level of kemanisannya that reaches 200-300 times the sweetness of sugar cane as well as low in calories so that safe consumption by diabetics and obesity. In addition, stevia is also non-carcinogenic. Substances in stevia sweeteners namely steviosida and rebaudiosida cannot be fermented by bacteria in the mouth to become acidic. These acids which when attached to email gigi can cause cavities. Therefore, stevia does not cause disturbance on the teeth.


Stevia sweetener is made in liquid form, i.e. by soaking for 24 hours and then stored in the refrigerator. Comparison of water with a 1: stevianya 4. That must remain a factor worth noting is its cleanliness. Jangan using stevia directly when the leaves are exposed to pesticides or other chemicals. Should be washed clean before soaked so that no contaminated substances harmful to health.
Stevia contains several other important nutrients like protein, fiber, fat, and carbohydrates. In addition, the content of vast gardens also are beneficial to the health of the body. However, there are also components of stevia anti nutrients such as oxalic acid and tannins that can reducebioavailabilitas calcium, iron, and some other micro-nutrients.
Benefits Of STEVIA:
• Contains zero calories
• Regulates sugar levels in the blood, a great benefit to Diabetics
• Lose weight, because insulin regulates the body store less Fat
• Improve digestive function, good for the Children in need special (Autistic)
• Lowers Blood Pressure
• Reduce Inflammation


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