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Ohaus Moisture Analyzer MB 45
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Specification of Ohaus Moisture Analyzer MB 45

The MB45 defines the standard for high-performance determination of moisture content. The MB45 has a capacity of 45 g of the sample, with readings of 0.001 g and repetition to 0.015% (using the sample 10 g). In addition, the text screen features MB45 MultiLanguage (United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy and Germany) and an integrated database to store up to 50 drying procedures; just remember the test of memory and start.

Additional models:

The MB45 has a dot matrix screen mendukung quick setup and displays the% moisture,% solids,% return, time, temperature, weight, test ID, drying curve & statistics.
Statistical functions for MB45 including simple tracking and record-keeping standard deviation from time to time and available to every procedure in the library test.
Automatic drying program selected four support easy one step drying. A halogen heating elements offer a wide range of operating temperature from 2000 to 50o C at 10 k


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