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Labtronics Scales Balance GL-602
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Specification of Labtronics Scales Balance GL-602

Laboratory scales are correct and can be utilized perfectly must Scales Laboratory that meets ISO standards are in charge. Scales Laboratory should really be able to calculate the masses very precisely, to avoid even the wind blowing more or less able to influence the weighing result.

This product is also called the scales lab, initially Scales laboratory is not digital but as the advance of the times, the Scales Laboratory is now equipped with digital technology is very sophisticated to make the actors who often work in a laboratory environment greatly helped by the Scales Laboratory ,

adjustable display mode
Weighing time adjustable stableness
Supports AC-DC
9 Units available: g, ct, lb, oz ...
With a hook under
Weight percentage function
Selected weight and counting mode
High-Low weight function
peak holding function
Collect function
600g x 0.01g
1000g x 0.01g
2000g x 0.01g
Ø 128mm
260 x 175 x 60mm


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